About Us

Carbones Holding gmbh being one of the two Carbones IMR Inc. shareholders is Europe’s largest pig iron distributor, Carbones IMR Inc. supplies more than 400 customers with over 600.000 mt of pig iron just in time from company-owned warehouses.

We buy pig iron in the major producing countries like Brazil, Russia, Ukraine and India to sell it primarily in Europe, US and Asia.

IMR Holding AG based in Switzerland is a key shareholder in Carbones IMR Inc.  IMR Holding AG and it’s group companies are mining and trading various raw materials globally. The company is a leading supplier to power and steel industry worldwide, with special focus on India, China, Indonesia and South America. The main commodities produced and traded are Metallurgical coke, Iron Ore, Steam Coal and other steel plant raw materials. The group is handing in excess of 6 M MT of various raw materials annually.